Arctic Tamils: An Inspiring Story of Adaptation and Integration


In 2002, the BBC profiled a thriving Tamil community in Vardo, a fishing village deep in the barren tundra of the far north of Norway.


During the 1990s, Tamils comprised 10% of Vardo’s population of 2600, and were credited with saving the local fishing industry.


Fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka, the Tamils of Vardo have successfully adapted to the harsh environs of their adopted homeland, contributing actively to the local economy, learning the Norwegian language, and engaging in the local town council.


Remarkably, the “Arctic Tamils” have integrated to Norwegian society while retaining Tamil culture and traditions in a remote tundra entirely alien to the tropical island they fled.


“Tamils of the Tundra” is an inspiring story of immigrant adaptation and integration.



Change: The previous full length version of “Tamils of the Tundra” which we published is no longer available on Youtube. We’ve replaced the link with a shorter video summary.



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Sen grew up in Toronto and currently calls it home. An avid social commentator, he is particularly interested in the evolution of the Tamil diaspora and its integration to the Canadian mainstream.

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out Shahisan Siva. We’ve updated the post with a new link – unfortunately the original full length version is no longer on youtube. The new link provides a short, but useful, summary of the original. Apologies for the change.

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