A Gentleman’s Guide: Manscaping


If I didn’t shave, I would look like a small gorilla. No, seriously. As a man of South Asian descent, body hair is an issue.

It’s called manscaping and if you haven’t heard of it by now, then I’m going to assume that you have what can only be described as a small forest growing on your body. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to start taking care of business.

People like beards. They keep you warm in the winter and cover up most of your face, so no one really knows what you look like. But they can get bushy. You can go from looking like Jose Bautista to a homeless man. What I’m trying to say is: take care of your facial hair. Make it look nice. It’s something that everyone’s going to see on a regular basis.

Joey Bats

If your chest hair starts to stick out from under your shirt, you should probably do something about it. Girls like running their hands through a guy’s hair, not their chest hair. It’s best to keep it short or non-existent, and there are three ways to go about doing that.

1. The easiest way would be to trim down whatever jungle is growing on your chest.

2. Another easy way would be to simply shave your hair off. The only problem is that you’ll have to shave it off on a regular basis, which can get irritating.

3. The most painful and effective way is to wax your chest hair. It’s just as painful as what Steve Carrell made it out to be. Also, get rid of all of your shoulder and back hair. And don’t shave your arm pit hair off, no matter how aerodynamic it makes you. Just trim it.

Wax on Wax Off

As for your genitals, you can either go for the porn star look or the short and neat look. Now, unless you have the time to shave your genitals every single day and feel the need to have a naked mole rat growing from your crotch, you can go for the porn star look. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless your lady friend prefers it, because the uncomfortable itching that follows after your hair starts to grow back is not enjoyable. You’re better off getting an electric razor (NOT THE SAME ONE YOU USED FOR YOUR FACE) and carefully trimming your package. You know what they say right? The shorter the grass, the bigger the tree.

I’d just like to point out that I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur while you attempt to shave your junk. So, good luck on your transformation from Sasquatch to presentable human male. Maybe you and your lady friend can go on a waxing date together. That would be cute.

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  1. Do not use talmac powder to shave/wax your genitals. It’s not going to end well, it’s going to burn. Use it afterwards.

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